aerotek employs people leading them to believe that they are going to be employed at certain companies and eventually be hired at that company. not true an absolute lie.

secondly, aerotek staff are very unprofessional. aerotek does a backround check supposedly on everyone and possibly do but i know for a fact that there are employees at ld caulk dentsply in milford delaware that have recent and very recent offenses ranging from dui s to misdemeanors that aerotek uses to *** people out. specifically, aerotek hides behind legal situations to do what they want when they want. i know of three employees who lost their job with aerotek for minor charges on their record but still have in thier emoploy four people that have more major offenses and get this the are STILL WORKING FOR AEROTEK....

NAMELY TEKE DAVIDSON SHE SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED. she will lie to your face and shun you and avoid you as she cant handle her profession. aerotek should think twice and screen the people they put in charge of anything. aerotek would not be recommended or spoken highly of.

aerotek should get it together and do the backround chcks BEFORE they hire.

even for a week or two or three days you could be standing next to a drug trafficker, a child molester, a terrorist, a rapist. I WOULD PERSONALLY TELL EVERYONE THAT IF AEROTEK STARTED OUT IN A BASEMENT THEY SHOULD HEAD BACK THERE.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Store Location: Bedford, Texas

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PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


Do not ever work for Aerotek. They are the worst company in the USA.


they fix your resume so you get hired (they know what employers look for they wouldnt do it for a bad employee) and they take your personal information off. seriously you genius...shocked anyone hired you.


they are not headhunters they are recruiters...big difference. Headhunters are actually recruiters in reverse. They make money off you recruiters make money from their client companies

and carol aerotek isnt paying me but it is true they have no say in if the client company hires their candidate.


The company (client) makes the decision in whether to hire someone or not, and Aerotek has no say in it. So blame them if it makes you feel better and you need someone to blame. Also, sounds like you have something against this Teke personally to me...


Ignore JON, he is paid by Aerotek to post online.


Aerotek does not decide to keep you on permanently or not, it is up to your performance. Quit sucking at your job


PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity. You can email me at co_unemployment@live.com or call 720-270-1468. PLEASE let me know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous.


I just got contacted by an Aerotek headhunter. I will post what happens (good or bad experience).


Contact Jace Larson at 9News in Denver, Colorado at jace.larson@9news.com. I heard he is working on a story on the scam Denver Aerotek.


Aerotek in Torrance CA doctored my resume before sending me on to a prospective position. So they're dishonest not only to people seeking jobs, but to those who utilize their questionable services.


I worked all summer and I am still waiting to recieve all of the money they owe me from the expense reports I had been submitting. I will say it is my fault for not staying completely on top of them about it while I was working, but I was extremely busy and always on the road.

I did understand is was a temp job though, so going back and finishing school was and easy and straight foward decision. All I have to do now is recieve the last payments they owe me but this is like pulling teeth and dealing with spoiled rude children.

How do I get around a horrible previous employment and the fact that they have other posting relating to my major that I would love to take advantage of in the geology field? The company I worked with that Aerotek staffed for was a wonderful company to work for non the less.


straightrazor2@aol.com, go ahead, work for Aerotek and find out how unethical they are. Find out how you will be paid minimum wage when promised $17.50 an hour.

Find out how you will be paid for 32 hours of work a week when you actually worked 40+ hours per week. Find out that your job will end in one week after you start.


I was told upfront this was a contract job, not permanent, also that the benefits would be expensive, so I thought that was very up-front of them. I am conflicted, I need a job, but my education has become very important also.

I am also older than probably most of you.

I am concerned about the $$ issue of course, no matter what you do, it all comes down to that piece of paper you get at the end of the week. I don't want to agree on $17.50 per hr, only to find out it's $12.00 either.


I admit, I am hesitant about the call I received, but I must say, I am floored by the spelling & grammar of some complaints. I am an administrative assistant and if I saw these mistakes, I would not hire these people either.

I think I will just continue on with my education though. When I asked if I could talk to the "company" that was going to hire me, I did get the name, but no info, nor when I looked them up did I find anything concrete.


I feel for you! Aerotek rarely places people permanently.

Aerotek will lie to your face and tell you that your job can become permanent, but it almost never does. People usually get a job through Aerotek and find out that Aerotek lied about the pay and hours. You find yourself working for less pay than promised and you never get paid for all the hours you work.

Do not listen to anyone who praises Aerotek on these complaint boards. The praisers are Aerotek recruiters trying to make Aerotek look honest, which it is not!


I did not have the experiences you may have had. I went through Aerotek and was place.

Have been at the same job for the past 5 years and still going strong. Aerotek places you and its up to the company you work for to decide to make you permanent or not.

Aerotek has no control. I have refered people to them and have also been happy.


I would never trust Aerotek. Aerotek staff are pathological liars.

They entice people to work for companies by lying about permanent jobs that will never be permanent. Do not ever trust Aerotek!


I have to completely disagree with all of you on this one. I was placed by Aerotek in a contract-hire position (which I believe is what each of you are talking about in terms of going permanent).

I went permanent and have been very happy. If you know anything about the industry, it is that things change and Aerotek can't control that their client's budget was reduced or the position was lost because of a re-orginization within that company. And Harding... from your horrible typing and typos I could see why what ever company you worked at didn't want to bring you permanent.

However, if you didn't get the job because of your background...that is a personal issue and shouldn't be taken out on them.

I have had a great relationship with my recruiter and I am still happy with my current employer! I say people should definitely work with Aerotek!!!


Kind of a "bait and switch" method they use to lure employees to them. They promise you a permanent job and then never make you permanent.

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