I have been contacted by a recruiter at Aeotek that was very impressed with my resume. I went in and met with him, and we spent just 15 minutes chatting about my previous jobs.

At that time they did not have anything that I would be a good fit for. A month later, another person in that same office called me and I thought they were going to talk about a job, no they just asked me the same questions that the orginal recruiter asked, and he told me that he didn't have my references, I told him that I had already submitted that with my resume and application. Then I smelled his BS and asked him if he had a job, and he told me that he would have to check the board with his manager, I asked him why he called and he told me he had opportunites but had to check with his manager first.

He never called me back. He had nothing but lies for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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you will love this website if you hate aerotek: www.unprofessionalemails.com


The worst software Consulting and staffing company to deal with is Caresoft, Inc., Located in New Jerssey. Please be very very careful while dealing with these people or while accepting an offer from them.

They will use your services and will never pay you. They will talk to you very sweetly until the work is done and latter on will not even return your calls or emails.


James you know *** well you work there...


Aerotek was playing games with you. You need to line their pockets with money to get a job.


They called you in for your resume because they put people with your skill set to work and they wanted to get you through their process so they could eventually employee you. You did something in the interview or looked like a loser so they didn't pursue working with you.


Jobless in MN - that stinks

Smokey - you're required to have a degree to work at Aerotek.

One think you need to realize when working with one of these agencies is that it's not as much about which agency you work with it's about the recruiter. Just b/c you have a bad experience in MN doesn't mean the office in FL or GA or something is bad too. Aerotek has about 150 offices in the U.S. some are no good and others are.


Just want to say - I wish you better luck than I had with Aerotek. I was told that I was hired, and did paperwork and everything, and one day before the start date (after I had already quit my job) they told me it had been given to someone else.

I never applied to them. Had a resume on the internet on Monster.com just to see what opportunities were out there. They offered a job, I accepted, I gave notice at my own job, and now I have left my perfectly satisfactory job (voluntarily) so now I have no income either. Think VERY carefully before dealing with this firm.

I have opened up a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Which costs nothing, and doesn't even take up much time. Aerotek has a good rating thru the BBB because those who want to vent frustrations due it on a random web blog. If you also contact the BBB the company itself must be accountable for their actions.

Just a thought. :)

Best of luck to all of you~


The place is an absolute joke, its a bunch of kids that are told they can be making 6 figures in no time...the fact that they have to wear ties like they're trying to get a beat-up, 12 year-old Chevy off the lot tops it off. Typically it's a bunch of uneducated people that don't know anything about the specific fields and look for "key words" in a resume.

These places are a dime a dozen and don't do anything to seperate themselvse from one another. When you go to one of their offices be prepared be in a POS low budget building.


:( Horrible place to get employed through. Cleveland Office full of cheats, thief's and lairs.


maybe they werent impressed with you at your interview... afterall they hire the best... i am in the running for a position, and with the economy the way it is, i am thankful for the fort lauderdale staff- they have been great!

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