I was employed through Aerotek for a call center position. It was a financial aid type call center to assist with college students from different schools.

The job was VERY DENANDING! You would get graded on so many things during the call. It was RIDICULOUS. I get that everyone should be customer service oriented but they were on another level!

I trained for a month and I finally got on the phones. After two weeks of that, I felt pretty confident that I was doing well. So I thought. When I was driving on my way home I was telling my mother how they fired three people that day.

One was a department manager that was there for 8 years ! Since the company began with his colleague who is the operations manager. He had to fire his long time friend smh I thought that was strange. The person they put in his place didn’t even know she was going to be an interim manager for 6 months.

I get a call from my recruiter. FINALLY AFTER A WEEK OF TRYING TO GET MY PAYCHECK STRAIGHT. She called asked me how it was going at the company. I told her it is going well.

She tells me that THEY DECIDED TO END MY CONTRACT DUE TO LOW STATS. I WAS ON THE PHONE FOR ONLY TWO WEEKS. I never received any kind of feedback for things to work on from my manager! Aerotek and that contract position was a waste of my time.

STAY AWAY FROM AEROTEK, TEKSYSTEMS, ALLEGIS. Really all of their companies!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Customer Service Representative Recruitment.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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