I applied to a job Aerotek in the Schaumburg area posted as being open. They made an apppointment for me to come in for an interview -- kept me waiting over an hour in the waiting room to meet with someone. Said that they would call in a few days after checking my references.

Over a week went by with no communication so I called to ask if the references checked out or if they pitched my resume to the job they posted like they promised. I found out that they did not ever bother to check my references and on top of that, did not even know what job I was talking about. They post phantom jobs just to get people to apply and bolster their numbers to make them look good to prospective clients. Half the jobs they post on career and job websites are fakes to lure you in.

Very unprofessional and in this economy I am willing to do what it takes to find a job. But to waste time that I could have spent applying to or interviewing for a real position is inexcusable. I have met with a lot of agencies that at least were honest and said they may not get something I am qualified to do or that I was not the right fit. None of them wasted my time by posting fake jobs just to then flat out insult me by treating me like garbage. If you need a job, STAY AWAY FROM THIS STAFFING FIRM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Job Search.

Location: Westmont, Illinois

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When they wanted me for a 3D position that was a very tough fit in Richmond I couldn't get rid of these used car salesmen. Now that they get almost as much from it as I do I can't get a soul to contact me after multiple tries.

Have had three case managers come and go in 5 months only meeting the first. Aerotek told me it was a 6 month contract but just told the company that contracted me it was for 9.

WOW! Run away.


This place is a JOKE! I have beeen through 3 people at aerotek at this location and I havent had a single interview.

It has been almost a year with nothing. I basically have to stalk to get any answers out of them.

When I talked to them they were rude and unprofessional. Dont waste your time with them


You are so correct company sucks *** what other people say thet have not worked for this scam of a company I have run Forrest run.


Shut the *** up John you probably work for Aerotek hahahah. ***. Aerotek can eat ***


Son, the trick to employment is this: it's a numbers game. I've had to submit my resume an ungodly amount of times before I started getting calls back. Unless you're super talented or in demand for your profession, you will have to endure the same thing.

As far as not calling back, most companies won't. It's just that simple. I've gotten maybe 5 callbacks total. If they didn't check your references, it's probably because they didn't think you were qualified, and based on your attitude, it sounds like you may be less qualified/mature/professional than you think.

Truth is, you need to grow up a bit.

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