Grand Rapids, Michigan

I used to get monthly 'job lead' calls from these guys over the past year, up until 2 months ago...

Within a 4 month period I somehow got 'transferred' between 3 different Recruiters. Each time I was forced to repeat all my information!

They don't keep records over there? My 3rd "job call" now 'suggested' that I send them a chrono resume, insisting suddenly that their 'clients' were pickier and wouldn't accept a resume in any other format. So I did that (my resume is Combination). I even had 2 outside parties critique it before sending.

They didn't like it, but I explained that's what Aerotek wanted. I even asked for feedback from this 3rd 'Recruiter' about the changed resume. Never got it.

I sent this guy SEVERAL emails - no response. And, their "office" does not return phone calls.

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Hey how does the process go to be deployed they called me to go overseas


If you only want to work in the USA, keep complaining. If you want to work overseas,they are the best thing to sliced bread.

Do you like to travel and see the world or sit on your sofa in the US and go to the malls and get fat, well stay there because we as exsoldiers are not complaining about their services. They have hired more soldiers than any other agency. So if you don't like them,keep eating your big Mac,that unhealthy food and keep living off the system. P.S.

They always had a job for me with big compaines with 5 figures or 6 figures a year. All the jobs are overseas.