After working for a local company through Aerotek for 4 months & around 60 hours a week,got laid off.This was after I was told I wasn't going anywhere and had recieved a good review from the dept. head.After being laid off for like 2 months I went back to work a couple of weeks ago only to be laid off again today!!I was put on 2nd shift this time around only to be lied to about 1st shift openings..Truely a class-less organization and people need to STAY AWAY from this one.The people there will LIE right to your face!!

Store Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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I took a temp to hire job with Aerotek, I was told I had to work whatever the hours were or not take the job. Turned out to be 70 hours at 12 hour days 6 days a week.

I got injured on the job due to another employees not following procedure, the next day I was put on light duty and Aerotek fired me on the spot. Now a year later I am still fighting their insurance carrier who refuses to allow me to go to a doctor for followup unless I contact the state industrial commission, each request to see a doctor takes at least 6 months to get permission and endless threats from the state.

Bottom line they are bottom feeders, they lie, and will not honor a contract unless you threaten to quit or take it to the client, I have done both and when you do they tow the line. Knowing who and what they are going in is like using lube, it doesn't hurt near as bad when they stick it to you.


Contact with Aerotek Complaints:

Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.


I was called by a major aerospace material provider for employment. They sent me to Aerotek to get the ball rolling.

Four months to the date got laid off and told not to go there. Well I had some equipment in a locker there and was told someone from Aerotek was going to collect my stuff. Well I called them a week later.

Not a sole knew anything about my stuff and never sent anyone to get it. Now I'm out nearly $200 of work gear


Such a joke that they found you a job and got you employment? If you would have went directly to the company you worked at through Aerotek, you still would have been laid off. Get real and really think about the unprofessional one using profanity on a website and giving someone's personal name.


Aerotek is in the business of using and abusing people. All they want is money and to destroy people. Do not ever trust Aerotek.


YES, unfortunately, everything stated about AEROTEK's careless and unprofessional ways is TRUE. We, as people seeking employment, must remember that AEROTEK is in the business of MAKING MONEY, period.

They don't really give a *** about us. And if we keep this in our brains, then mabey we can keep from being TOO hurt by their ***... Take what they say with a grain of salt, get what WE need out of them, always do the BEST job we can do, and move on from there... (In other words: do your best, don't beleive ANYTHING they say, and then to *** with'em).

Goodluck to everyone out there. I love you all


File a complaint with the BBB against them. File complaints where you can. What state are you in?


i agree there recruters are rude and very very unprofecional especialy sara humvy anf juan jimenez hes got his head so far up his *** that he'll say anything to you they us people hope that at some point the shoe is on the other foot then they will know how they made other pople feel


A bit hard to count on Aerotek when you are constantly laid off and your shift is changed! Did you apply for unemployment during your layoff periods? Did they give any reason for the layoffs?


I do not know what state you are in but Aerotek is famous for lying and using workers. They seem incapable of honesty or any semblance of ethics.

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