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I have been employed on 2 different assignments from Aerotek and both were a DISASTER! On the first assignment, we were promised 40+ hours on a midnight shift and ended up getting 12-13 hours because the partner companies system was always updating, you would get to work at 10pm and they would send you home and then call you the next day and tell you to be at the job within 2 hours.

This went on for almost 2 months and they finally agreed to release me. That UPSET Aerotek so of course they didn't have any assignments went on Unemployment for over a year. The second assignment was even worse. Payroll was wrong, bonuses were incorrect, issues were never addressed.

I even involved corporate because of internal issues such as violence in the workplace, threats, intimidation and racism (all documented as well as e-mail documentation). I begged Aerotek to find me something else, they always wanted you to put in 2 weeks notice and they would start looking, therefore negating Unemployment benefits. The day I was released Aerotek rep was on-site and canceled the meeting allowing the employer to end the assignment in a meeting with me without Aerotek present. I immediately called District Manager of Aerotek and she and I talked on her cell phone, explained my Aerotek rep chose not to stay and she said they could start looking since employer ended assignment, told her I was leaving for the day and sent the Employer an e-mail advising of the same thing.

I get a call from Aerotek, which I recorded, releasing me from the assignment for leaving the worksite, she said not eligble for re-hire with Aerotek or the other company. The management is so disfunctional they never even knew I had talked to district already twice that day. I applied for unemployment again and they disputed it by saying "I never called for a new assignment....."REALLY YOU ARE ON RECORDING SAYING NOT TO CALL EITHER COMPANY EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Yesterday, I get a letter that Aerotek is saying I falsified Unemployment back in 2010 and reported wages wrong which could result in me having to pay Unemployment back and misdeamenor charges, CYA and keep all your papers, I have my final paycheck stub, wrong again!!!


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