I applied with company, the recruited was wowed with my resume, qualifications, etc. but when it came helping me find employment she was useless.

She kept contacting me to get contact information on who she could talk with, to try to get her company Aerotek to be on the list of temp agencies. The company I was laid-off with utilized other agencies for their temp needs and this recruited was trying to use me to get the names, phone numbers, of people she could contact. Not once did she call me for a position. Everytime she called, I thought/hoped she would was calling for a job - instead it was for her own self interest.

I finally asked her to stop calling or I would send a complaint.

Really - she was asking me to do her work.

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I'm a recruiter for Aerotek and you are 100% correct. We have referral goals we have to meet each week and usually we have to hit these goals in unethical ways. I am trying to quit asap.


In other words, she just wanted to see if she could drum some new accounts for Aerotek.

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