Farmington, Connecticut

I was working with someone in Connecticut called Philip Gensicki.

He was very unprofessional with me and did seem to respect or understand the hiring process.

This guy is very young and needs to get off his high horse. He has little training, he is rude, and just too young for this job. I would not recommend him and if he calls you stay away. He has no respect for you time and talks the whole time like he is the one interviewing.

He probably has little experience and should not be at this job. This guy is bad news.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

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I found another recruiter at Aerotek was not professional. It's waste of time.

When the project cancelled last minute, he did not even inform me until i found out by myself. Stay away from this agency.


Aerotek is known for hiring fresh from college, kids who indeed do not have an real training or skills at being a recruiter. Lucky for them, but I feel like it makes others suffer overall to some degree.