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I love working with Aerotek until they hired this lady by the name of Olga S. She's friendly to you during the hiring process but as soon as you get hired, she turns into a witch. Has the tendency to be impartial - she fired an associate for not clocking in/out when on the other hand she clocks in/out for another contractor (who happens to be her friend). She didn't hire my friend because she can barely understand her accent yet there are 30++ minorities in the warehouse that can barely utter a single English word.

Worst part, I saw her punched a contractor for no apparent reason.

She's one in a million.

Location: Bellevue, Washington

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You guys - this is so old news. I don't think she has worked here in what, two years?

It isn't like it was before. yeah, I have to stay home a lot in my group because we don't have projects, but G told us that it would be like that when she hired me and always urges me to get a full time job with nintendo or another place. I come back over and over because I feel loved by my boss. she always takes me back when my other jobs lay me off or run out of work.

Grow up people! That was then this is now. we need to be more positive.


where is OLGA located ,so I can check this babe out since she's so popular !!!!


I found this lady on linked in. She got left aerotek in may 2011 it seems. She was already a 3rd level connection to me.

She sounds super hot from the posts I read here :)


lol wtf is this. Some lady that works for a company nintendo contracts for game testing is mean :(

I live in redmond and work at the big company that surrounds the NOA headquaters.

If I were nintendo I would be very embarrassed about this.


olga she eve.....she racist to Nintendo n aerotek ...she hate black n she make me leave Nintendo ... :( :cry ......


olga she weaked....n racist to Nintendo n aerotek .....i hate her ..she make me relocate to new jersey...... :cry


I like serving fries.Atleast at aerotek I didnt have grease acne.


I started working for NOA in 2004. I worked there off and on until 2008.Sal, I worked with you.

You had a crush on Olga.But with the inappropriate attire she liked to prance around in, it isnt a suprise most MEN did. Lets not all pretend we despise Olga because her name is as ugly as her.Not the case.It is her Immature nature in which she did her job and her vindictive temper tantrum that made her ugly. Her lack of respect while someone was speaking to her or asking a question.

I reported Olga to an HR who was a woman because clearly the men in the office were too googly eyed to actually put her behavior in check.Sal,your wife would be very upset if she saw the comment you posted.It was very hypocritical. You own homes and rent them all out.You worked at Nintendo/aerotek out of sheer bordum and was hired by Nintendo.


I reported several issues with Olga to HR so Aeroteks Andrew bucher and Olga lied to black ball me! I gave her notice and she put down I was a no call no show!!!!

After the *** I went through working with that witch. She literally hunt me down in a warehouse full of people to complain about anything and everything. it would have been different if her complaints were valid but they werent and when I proved her wrong she just got more angry and vindictive.

Worst of all she was barely old enough to drink and I am a grown woman with children and a husband that just happens to be pretty.

It just goes to show aerotek will hire anyone to staff these days. Reguardless of their inability to communicate with large amounts of employees.


I will miss The Ice Princess err Olga...NOT!


How did Aerotek managed to hire an ignoramus, childish, unprofessional and ***-hating employee like Olga?

Thank God there's Lou!


This is a bit sad. I have been at Nintendo with Aerotek and Manpower and a few others for years. Aerotek is by far the best to date; those other people didn't ever even look me in the eye. They were to busy getting stoned with their contractors. I simply do my job. I show up, I say hello but don't try to camp out (Irealize that my boss isnt my friend and im ok with that), I do exactly as im told and don't get creative. I am a temp. I was hired to do one small task. Not a big deal.

I think that as an imigrant I understand what many of you don't. Here is way better. My home country they don't give you breaks, they pay you poorly and no worker ever becomes management.

In the orientation the funny manager said that this job was to be like a stepping stone or a rest stop, something like that. She said I should still look for full time jobs because this isn't a career. I liked that. Even though I work here for years I like that she wanted more for me. Olga was there and she agreed with the red hair one. Truthful.

Most of you lack discipline and you also believe you are entitled to raises and new positions. None of us are owed anything. You need to earn the fine things in life. I am not even close to being able to retire but I never expected to just get things handed to me.

someone said sal go look on this site and i had to say something. this is a bit sickining.


PLEASE let a reporter know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous. I have received inquiries from 2 reporters about this story - PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity.

You can email co_unemployment@***.com .


Contact with Aerotek Complaints:

Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You'll understand why when you give me a call.


It's my cell phone. This might be a chance to warn other people.


Hey Sergio I worked there on and off for the past year. I Did my job and didn't COMPLAIN all the F***IN time!

I love working there even if its low pay and what not. So get over yourself, Grow up and GET a job, you good for nothing attention seeking brat!!!!!!!!!


I didn't complain all the time. Besides there was a lot of discrimination going on there and I exposed it.



shes a mega bi@***h. she fired me on while i was leaving for christmas break! what a *** ***


A conversation many people with Olga S goes like this.

"Olga my ID isn't there maybe someone took it."

O: "Did you look at the whole rack, go back and check because if I find it."

"It wasn't there."

O: "You took your ID home with you.

"No I didn't."

30min later it gets turned in and someone comes and says oh I have your ID someone turned it in.


Oh yeah, in response to Old Swampy. The console market isn't the only thing Nintendo has going for it.

The Wii is bar none the bestselling console of this generation. The only reason XBox even comes close is because of its extremely high failure rate. However, as I said, it's not all about the console market. I went to the Penny Arcade Expo, and everyone there had a DS.

I can't walk down the street without seeing some kid playing Pokemon or some such. Don't discount Nintendo just yet. They've got a bit more power in their corner than you think. But this isn't about Nintendo's future, it's about how much we all love Olga.

I love you, Olga. Jesus loves you, Olga.


I'm not going to sit here and throw red paint all over Olga. I bear her no ill will, but I have difficulty getting over her completely icy demeanor. I mean, would it kill her to show some emotion or even humanity?

I felt she made a very unwise decision when she had me transferred to Materials Management. My initial interview for Technical Services was 30 seconds long. I said I was an engineer (completely true) and that was that. It was clear I was more than qualified for the job.

I was in Tech for about 2 weeks before Olga decided to send me to Materials Management, just as I was getting the hang of my procedure and making numbers consistently. Now Gaetana will not let me even consider going back to Tech because she doesn't want to lose me at MM. I guess it's Olga's loss.

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