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they call you dont know you from a can of paint because your resume fits what they are looking for ..once speaking with you over the phone realizing your race the next day they either dont answer phone anymore are they will tell you we are interviewing someone..they send you out everything about the job wasting all your time then stop responding to you

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Customer Care.

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Are you speaking for all black people? And am I to understand that a person can determine another person's race over the phone?

Isn't that a bit racist to say? Aerotek recruiters spend about 95% of their day making phone calls. In fact, they have a quota of calls they must make per day and call people they know they probably will never be able to place. I wouldn't depend on just Aerotek.

Sign up with multiple agencies; cast a wide net.

But also look for a job independently. I hope by now you have found something.

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