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I contacted the Aerotek Bradenton branch to apply for a contract to hire position advertised in three job boards. My experience, 20 years in the mortgage industry.

I was contacted immediately which is about the only positive this review will get. I explained I was transplanting from MN to FL and leaving to drive down on such and such date. I was told I would be contacted the next day by phone. Next day no phone call, no email.

I called them about 4 p.m. Central time and got Lauren's voicemail. I then sent her a email. Again no contact via email or phone.

I have worked with a few agencies in my lifetime and even ones that don't have anything for me have picked up a phone and said nothing available or position is filled. I had explained I was interested in other positions possibly in the future if the one I applied for didn't work just wanted to get a pulse. I work with this firm up in MN and never had one problem. Goes to show not all offices are good offices.

Still no curtsosy to call or email me back. I hope employers will read this review and not use this company knowing they do business this way. Unprofessional manner with dealing with clients is appalling. No business should be employing people that dismiss a potential client this way.

HEY AEROTEK you need employees to work for you to keep the lights on. Burning them isn't going to keep that happening. Suggest you have people that want to do their job be employed for your company and stop being so dismissive.

Your not the only game in town. Karma will catch up to this lady.

Aerotek Pros: What is there to like.

Aerotek Cons: Unprofessionalism, Laziness.

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Aerotek only hires young, fresh from college kids. Some have never held a job before or may have only worked at an Outback Steakhouse.

A very bad business plan, in my opinion, but one they continue to pursue. I wouldn't bother with Aerotek.