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It has been about a month since I applied for a position that was open. I had been given 2 start dates to begin work which have passed and a third, pending, still sitting here waiting.

I am complaining because I did the whole screening process, everything was fine, signed all the payroll,w2 and they even gave me the person I was to report to and the company address. I know for a fact that keep bringing new people in. I know someone that works there. In fact they hired them and they were working within a week.

That's effed up. And also know there is a high-turnover like a revolving door so I just don't get it. I have seen some opportunity's out there in the month and I didn't pay any mind. The position is above average and has the potential for one person to earn a living because It is almost impossible for that today.

But in any case I can't keep waiting around either.

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