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I've been familiar with Aerotek for quite some time. I remember back when I used to job hunt, Aerotek was about 5 years ago when the job market was tough and I graduated about a year before. I remember a year later, I was interviewed by one person then realized that most of them looked like they were your average recent college graduates that seemed that they had less or no experience in Human Resources. Out of the agencies I've been accepted to, I have never heard back or have been accepted by anyone at Aerotek.

There have been 3 agents that I've had and remembered but never heard from. There was a guy names Zack Braff (I think that was his last name) who I had to call 4 or 5 times and kept telling me that

he would call about a job for me, almost later and I heard that he quit Aerotek. Another agent, Christina Rossetti and a younger looking girl interviewed me and month later, I found out that they were no longer at Aertek because they were going back to school. The last agent I had was Gianna Norman who randomly took over the other girl's position and she seemed unenthusiastic and a snob.

I didn't really pay attention too her knowing that Aerotek goes through agents like flies until 6 months later, when I lost a job . She keep grilling me about my resume, in which I really had no certain flaws or errors ( but did change it for her) and kept telling me about a Customer service job. I only heard from her twice but most of the time, I had to call her or send an e-mail. Just as I suspected, according

to her, I was not accepted. 9 months later, I found out that Gianna no longer works at Aerotek and was there for a little less than a year......Ain't that a ***

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