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phoenix, az - went out on an assignment where after a week of working the CLIENT calls 4 of us into a meeting and says 1 previous Aerotek recruit destroyed patient records and they were looking at terminating the contract. i called my rep and asked whats going on and...
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Aerotek staff member contacted me stating that they found my resume. Immediately informed me of a call center position without formal introduction. She continued on, explaining the requirements of the position, going in to detail without allowing me a chance to speak....
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Worst ever. I was tols to contact them by the recruiter if I was ill since I went straight to the manager at my assignment. So I did and apparently Aerotek never informed them I wasn't coming in. The next mornig I got let go. Still waiting on final check and background report copy from day 1! Incompetent company. You are better off with a child.
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I met Mr. Barish at a job fair at a local community college. I am an electrician and a very big company was hiring and holding their own job fair the next day. Aerotek was not representing this company. But Mr. Barish said he had an in and would get me an interview. He...
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PLEASE let a reporter know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous. I have received inquiries from 2 reporters about this stor...


Susan Hostettler is a rabid Aerotek employee. She is paid by Aerotek to write positive reviews of Aerotek and derogatory messages to people who have been treated unethically ...

I recently had an interview with aerotek. The Director of Business Operations in Rosemead an Ontario, LaMark Brim. The interview went great. He liked my answer and thought they were very detailed. At the end of the interview, he asked me to call him the next day at...
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Oh, and "*** aerotech" comes off as quite aggressive. just fyi.


I usually stick to 1 call/day if I'm asked to call back. Honestly I find asking the interviewee to call is a bit silly if one is expecting to be busy.


Why do we have Job Agencies? They don't help you or the company. You ask for $10.00 dollars an hour. Just to feed your family and to fill that position. The job agency wants $14.00 dollars an hour from the company... That's why it's very hard to find a job. All the Job...
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Contact with Aerotek Complaints: Hey, I want to talk to you guys about what happened. You\'ll understand why when you give me a call. 720-270-1468. It\'s my cell phone. Thi...

Mark in Longmont,CO.

Dvillegas, you hit it right on the head.... The same things are going on here in Colorado. They make $25.00/hr, and you make $16.82/hr. What a bunch of ***.... $25.00/hr for ...


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