Phoenix, Arizona
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Calling calling all cars, seriously I do construction. Welder for the most part but if it can be built or thought up I've probably done it.

Contracted out for solar labor..... Slave labor and told contract to possible hire. HA that was a bold face lie and contracted out to Okland: mostly a bunch of bigoted racist and don't do your job for them cause they don't think your doing it anyways. I walked out the last for days who needs the abuse and gossip.

For that I get no more positioning. Another recruiter in a Phoenix Office has welding position open for exactly what I was doing for eight years.... Hello expert. I get bupkis .

How about more solar labor out in Casa Grande or Tucson. Single car family you idiots.... Repeated over and over. Welding job around the corner from wife's work and it was "for hire" position only not contracted.

And not intractable if I want to eat and have any gas to even get to work.Top it off.. Where's my 2012 tax info you @#^€£'s I call I get put on hold I call I give info...

Nothing happens I call again hung up on. April 15 gone taxes late thank god I never owe and never get any of my taxes back still doesn't mean I just don't have to file you ¥~#^@$'s

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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We're sorry to hear about your situation - If you'd like, please email with any details you'd like to provide including the Aerotek office that you worked with and we will follow up promptly.



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