This guy could not even look me in the eye during an interview and was more interested in playing with his pen. He continued to comment that his branch would make cut backs anyway but he was safe in his role.

Asked 2 questions to me and that's it. This guy is the most boring person to talk to and it's like pulling teeth for a conversation. Joke. He was late to the interview and when he eventually showed up and got himself a drink.

No appologies for lateness. I can't tell you how unprofessional this guy is.

Store Location: Arlington, Virginia

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And why would I bash myself if I were Chris Matthews


If you could read I said that this guy was a joke and a horrible team leader


Happy with Experience - Obviously you work for Aerotek and it's very likely that you are Chris Matthews.

The OPs post is not scattered he just forgot to introduce himself... I'm OP, I had an interview with so and so... All his complaints are very legitimate.

Be better at your job. Treat people with respect and they will do a good job for you.


Your complaint is scattered and lacks any logical progression. Are you mad that you didn't get a job? Or do you have a legitimate complaint?

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