I admit I was skeptical when I walked into the Aerotek office after reading all of the horrible reviews. However, my experience was the complete opposite.

I was treated with respect and professionalism. Every detail in my contract was upheld. In fact, I received extra money in my pay for a shift differential that was not promised in the beginning of my contract.

My Aerotek supervisors kept me completely informed throughout the entire six months. I only wish I was able to become an Aerotek recruiter myself so I could help an out of work, down on his/her luck, individual, like I once was.

Store Location: Wilmington, Delaware

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Hey anonymous Clearly you're on here for the wrong reasons No ones on here trying to win a spelling bee Obviously that one person they have a good repore with Aerotek the other did not clearly if you want to show that you have intelligence you should try growing up


Glad that you two had a good experience with them. But, many of us have not.

I myself never got my last check. I worked for them about a year ago. Then this morning someone from Aerotek, has the nerve to call me about a position.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.


I think it's worth noting that the vast majority of the critical comments come from people who seem barely able to string a sentance together, while the one guy who has positive things to say communicates clearly and intelligently.



Congrats, Jmcginniss. Don't worry about people's sour grapes, they're just looking to blame someone for their own inadequacies. I'm not an Aerotek employee, but I had a good experience with them too, and now have a great new job.


Well ... sounds like you got your wish of becoming an Aerotek recruiter. How does it feel knowing nobody really gives a sh1t?

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