Fort Washington, Maryland
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They emailed me about a job opportunity but will not disclose position or company name. They called me to their office and interviewed me, complete waste of time after that called me again asked my salary expectation and were making fun of me that if someone is offering you that much go and join them.

After that incident someone from company called me again about contact job. Every time a new person emails or calls me 4-5 days but will never pick up my call when i try to reach them.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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To all prospective consultants that are considering working through Aerotek: The only reason they bring you in for an interview is to see if you look "right." If the determine that you don't look "right," they will put their assessment of the way you look in their database and you will never be contacted again. Also, be careful of what references you give because they will call them and try to pull them from their position or see if they're hiring.


Their recruiters are required to have face to face interviews with a minimum of 15 applicants a week. From that 15+, yes they are to obtain references so that they may contact said references and attempt to obtain their business. Very shady, if you ask me.


Never answer the phone