I just want to warn people about my experience with Aerotek. Make the right decision for yourself. I was not in a rush to find a new position, this company wants to place you in the first position they can find.

Let's start with my first encounter with Aerotek. They were quick to contact me after I applied. It sounded very promising, so I continued on with a face-to-face interview. I was interviewed and talked down to about my qualifications for the entry position I had applied to. This interviewee had then quit working for Aerotek.

There was radio silence for weeks. Finally, another recruiter had contacted me. They seemed nice and eager to help place me. I reinterviewed and I was sent a job description with no company name. It was okay after I said yes to doing an interview, I had found out it was a decent company and I was excited. Everything was alright with Aerotek, other than a few spelling and grammar mistakes in the e-mails and constantly playing phone tag over my short experience with them.

Then came the onsite interview with this new company (which was the day after I had applied for the position). I felt very confident about my performance in the interview. I was not so intrigued about the information that was shared about the position, but I knew I had a good chance of an offer. It was now Thursday, I was told by the new company they would have an answer by Monday. I still needed time to go over the details and weighing pros and cons, so this was perfect. I was leaving the country and I was extremely busy the next few days, I had made this clear to everyone involved.

Friday, the day I was leaving, I get a call from Aerotek saying that I have been given an offer and Aerotek was pushing a decision on the spot. Even though the new company had stated to me, they wouldn't even have a decision made until Monday. This is also before an offer letter or any details have been explained.

I asked for at least an hour to decide. They reiterated their desperate need for an answer and said to give them a call back by the end of the hour. I was surprised at how much Aerotek was rushing me into a decision. I called before the hour was over and no answer. I then e-mailed an informal agreement to the position.

After the weekend had finished, I had decided since I had not made a formal agreement, the position was not for me and that Aerotek was no longer someone I wanted to work with. I am not a number.

I had received a response stating how "This was a time consuming and drawn out process" and they would not be the right fit for me. This whole process from my re-interview with Aerotek until the final e-mail she sent was 10 days including 4 inactive weekend days. The interview was even less.

Day one: applied

Day two: interview

Day three: need an immediate decision

Over the weekend no response. But, I had rejected the offer and said I was moving on.

Day four: Response that it was too long of a process, we aren't a good fit...

The most unprofessional event during our short time together was that they sent an e-mail to me which was meant for another client about where she would be working and how long...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruitment.

Location: 11000 NE 33rd Pl Suite 220, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA

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