I was employed with Aerotek for a few weeks. Explained to the young lady that I don't think the position that I was placed in was for me.

I explained what was going on and asked if there were any other assignments that she could place me on. She acted as if they didn't have anymore and she wasn't trying to place me any place else. I contacted her on several occasions by email and phone, no reply no calls back.

When I finally did get an email back it was after I stated that I will not be returning back to the assignment and she just asked if I let them know or was I just not gonna show up. I explained to the "so-called trainer" that I would not be retuning and why. That was that and I will never go back to Aerotek or recommand anyone go there either. 

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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You can forget about work from Aerotek in the future. I can promise you, you have been blacklisted.


Having worked in that industry, I can tell you when you leave an assignment early, you upset the staffing consultants.

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