I have been 'working' with an Aerotek associate, Kevin Anderson, for over a month and today they let me go as an option. One month and four days ago yesterday, I contacted the associate because I found a position which I was interested in. We had a wonderful conversation and the associate requested my references. I thought I was right on track.

Fourteen working days later, I learned that the company which was hiring had not even seen my resume! I had spoken to this Aerotek representative numerous times and knew little more about the position or the company than when I had first contacted them. In exasperation, on my way to another interview an 8 hour drive away, I let the fellow know that I was more than losing patience. He promised to send my resume over the next day & slipped and told me the name of the company, owner, and many other details.

The associate had been talking me in circles for 14 business days weeks. Needless to say, I have lost all faith in the associate and considered asking to be reassigned to someone else. The next week when I talk to the associate contact he goes 'cold' on me and says the client is backing up the start of the job a few weeks. Two days later, on a weekend (Saturday), he calls and says the client will be in Atlanta and would be willing to fly me in for an interview. He says that if I meet with the client that I would basically be 'guaranteed' the job. There are 1 or 2 others he is looking at, but I would get the job.

Atlanta is a 2 hour drive, I tell him that I feel it is a waste of money and would be willing to drive. He says he'll look into it. Monday evening I get a call to call him back. I contact him at the end of the day Tuesday, as I have a life & was unable to get to him earlier. He wants to know if I can go to Atlanta the next day or the day after. This is little warning and after all the waiting I have done with him I have made other plans. Also, am planning to attend an annual family vacation 2 days later. I tell him I will do my best to fit it in, but as it turns out I cannot. I email him and let him know that I cannot make it on such short notice. He immediately calls me back. He wants to know my level of commitment and if I have other offers. "No!" I am merely going on vacation and cannot scramble fast enough to meet on such short notice.

I feel he is listening but does not hear anything that I have said, as usual, so repeat in detail that I am willing to travel to the client at my expense. I have offered this since day one. I would prefer to got to TX to see the area and not be rushed. We end the conversation with the fact that the timing is bad and the week after I get back from my family vacation would be best. 10 minutes later he calls me back and tells me he is going to have to 'go' with another individual. He further told me that I had been 'abrasive' and that how I interacted with him made a difference in whether or not I would be considered. Again, I told him that I felt he had been wasting my time. I felt that he had not been open and honest throughout the process and had been making stories up to put me off. He became defensive and I thanked him again for wasting over a month of my time.

I could never reassure the associate enough that I was, in fact, willing and wanting to relocate for a position. I repeatedly told him that I had friends in the area, am familiar with the area, and wished to move to the area prior to this position becoming open.

He apparently is unable to comprehend english and wasted my time. Most conversations I had with him I felt that he wasn't paying attention and he was distracted. He talked in circles and we really never got anywhere. After a week or two of conversation with any other business I would either have an interview or not; simple as that. I am very disappointed with my experience and hope wonder if I was ever seriously considered. I do not recommend Aerotek based on this experience.

I have a BA and question whether or not this person knew enough to properly place me. It seemed like he was reading from a script, not responding to me.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Store Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina

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