I've dealt with Aerotek on and off for close to 25 years, but have never actually got a job from them. I work in electronics and related technology fields, with over 30 years of job experience, two college degrees, and several professional certifications.

The job market in the Madison area has always been rather tight, and I don't ask for much in the way of pay. However, what they usually have for me are little more than low paying entry level jobs, such as electronic assembler, that typically pay $10-13/hr, which I am way overqualified for, and besides is really not enough to live on. The employees at Aerotek seem to be almost all very young, recent college graduates, who know very little about the job market, much less the employment aspirations of a middle aged man. When I talk to them it seems I end up educating them about the job market and the responsibilities of particular jobs, rather than the other way around.

They almost never share information, so when I tell someone I'm looking for more than an entry level job it will be lost on every other person in that company.

Likewise, when I find a job and tell one of the recruiters they needn't call me anymore, the calls (for more low paying entry level jobs) just keep continuing because no one shares this information. When I meet people who know about Aerotek, I usually hear the familiar phrase "They're useless".

Store Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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