Aerotek on Campbells Run Road in Robinson/Pittsburgh, PA....interviewed with them today for a driving position. The recruiter was nasty and degrading, shes also the assistant manager, yes I didn't capitalize her title, she doesn't deserve capitalization.

I have a impeccable record and years of experience, I applied for a job that wasn't posted as an Aerotek job and didn't find out until they called me. No big deal I thought even though I don't like these type of agencies. The way I was treated I was ready to walk out and told her to talk to the company and if they aren't willing to abide by what the ad states then they can look at someone else for the job, especially since this girl talked to me like she is some god given gift to mankind, she didn't even know anything about the industry, she was taking notes when I was filling her in. It's the oil and gas industry by the way.

My experience and knowledge meant nothing to her, she kept trying to talk me into taking a much lower pay rate, like I'm not an adult and don't know my *** from *** in the ground. I emailed her Aerotek's ad for the position and told her I hope the company I'm interviewing with is more honest and treats me with more respect than she did or I will take one of the other job offers I have. They all pay the same, so I can cancel out one that is going to treat me poorly.

Aerotek.....ignorant, disrespectful and lie all day long. Know what you're worth and don't settle for what they try to sell you, you're worth more than what they give you credit for.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

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