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I'll keep this simple. They are very late completing payroll. Not only is this with me, but also with others I work with that are employed contractually by Aerotek. At one point they were over 5 figures behind in payments to me. There is always an excuse or...
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I was contacted by aerotek miami,fl real fast and they found a job for me it all was a quick Process. They found me a job customer service working for visa it all soundds great. I found them to be really helpful and even reffered a lot of my friends. I start next week...
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Chris B
Chris B

Aerotek was a great service for me when I lived in Seattle, WA. Now that I am in Ft. Lauderdale I can\'t get them to call me back. I am starting to get angry because I am high...


Bottom Line, if you are not happy, they will NOT look for you another job, unless you quit that one first. My agent LIED to me saying he was looking, which kept me there anot...

Aerotek in the Washington D.C area is courting the architectural and interiors professions. In the springtime I went an interview in Virginia. During my interview I asked the recruiter if she would like to review my portfolio and working drawings from recent projects....
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waste of time in Woburn M*** o

I went in for a meeting was kept waiting for 20 mins when i was early,, to have some 20 yr old that doesnt get life yet,, to tell me he could get me a job in a week with my jo...


Yeah I know the feeling. They disregarded my qualifications and experience, and sent me off to a skilled trade assignment in which I had no training or experience with. Of c...

I actually have an interveiw lined up for today at Aerotek in Mason, OH. Can anybody tell me about the branches in Mason? The recruiter, Renee Kitchen seems very unprofessional, she never answers her phone, or is always out to lunch. I just called and cancelled in...
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Aerotek is the most unethical company on the planet.

you're dumb

yes skip the interview and take yourself out of sight for over 75% of the fortune 500 list since those are the companies asking aerotek to find them qualified employees. way t...

I applied for a position with Aerotek, Posted my Resume on, got a call form a recruiter the very next day. He left me a voice mail saying that he received my resume online and wanted to speak with me a about a position he had available and felt I was...
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Wow, that\'s what you consider unprofessional? Imagine how you would feel if they actually did something immoral, or took advantage of you in some way. I wasn\'t aware asking ...

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