Tampa, Florida
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I have been unemployed for several months. A person at aerotek called and i went in and did all of the required paper work.

I had one contract job through aerotek and it did not work out. Also they did not pay what was agreed on.it took me one month to get my money for two weeks work and several phone calls. these people do not have your best interest in sight.

all they are concerned with is a quota number so they can get a bonus.

i have 35 yrs in maintenance 16 in management and never got an interview for what my background was. be carefull of these people.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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Areoteck Pray On The Unemployed Period ! Call Your Congressmen !!!!!!!!!!!


Typical Aerotek methods. They seem to cheat everyone out of their pay.


They seem to never pay what they tell people and they pay employees late if they pay them at all. Why does Aerotek always lie?