Aerotek listed a job that fit my resume almost perfectly. They contacted me after seeing my resume online.

However I was pushed toward another job which paid much less, in a field that was completely different from my experience.

AFTER interviewing with that company, Aerotek call me 30 minutes later and asked "if the company offers you a job, can I say yes to them." I hesitantly said yes, knowing I had to actually sign paperwork to make that official.

That evening I went Aerotek's website and saw the other job that fit my experience almost perfectly. It paid substantially more. I asked Aerotek why they weren't suggesting that job for me. Wanting to give my current employer 2 weeks notice, I was told by Aerotek that the company I was interested in "only wants people that can start immediately." I visited that companie's website career page, and it said..."no positions available at this time."

Aerotek's listing was obviously a "bait" job.

I confronted their recruiter, and was told that the job was controlled by another branch of Aerotek, and they didnt have that info. (which would only require Aerotek to make a phone call to the other branch obviously.)

That night I came across pissedcomsumed.com. What he was doing is exactly what I read in others posts.

Thank God for this website. It saved me from leaving my current job for something lesser.

Not to mention what I read here about the trouble getting paychecks.

I recommend avoiding Aerotek.

They do what is best for their interest, not yours. As well as listing jobs that are not real.

Store Location: Tacoma, Washington

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