They will make you *** work to come to their *** pep rally interviews and paperwork parties, tell you you are hired and call you after 1 days work and tell you that your background check came back and they can not employ you. It's a scam they make companies that hire them pay for physicals drug tests and background checks and *** on potential employees.

Bunch of D-Bags don't fall for it. !!!!

Waste of your time and money run far far away and fast. These people are spineless and don't want to help you know matter what lies they tell you.

Store Location: Charleston, South Carolina

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Today someone from Commerce Energy urgently knocked on my door and tried to force her way in telling me I need to look on page two of my "electric bill that I was being charged too much." She said she would be back because there is not a "no soliciting sign on my door." I blocked her from entering but I must say she was determined to get in. For this reason, I have researched "Commerce Energy."


So you got let go because you failed your background check? How is this Aerotek's fault? Good luck finding an employer that won't require a background check...

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