Portland, Oregon

Over the past decade, I've applied to numerous jobs through Aerotek--they responded to less than 10% of my applications. Then I was called in at least five times for an "interview," and drove to the Aerotek office each time, answered questions that could have been sourced from the copy of my resume they already had, and then dismissed.

Complete waste of time. If you call, they'll simply just not return your call.

As with too many agencies, there's no flexibility.

You go to a place like Aerotek if you want precisely the same job you had before--if you want a better or different job, forget Aerotek. I think the majority of people would just like to get back to work--but at Aerotek it seems their job is to make certain you feel like a dumb sheep and are not worthy.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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