Aerotek does not care about its contractors.There is absolutely no work life balance. you are expected to work 7:30am to 6:00pm daily.

the pay is extremely low. its a call center. you cold call people all day long. you work with mostly young people which has its downfalls because they are very cliquey, rude, and talk negative about you behind your back.

its like walking into a frat house daily.

Aerotek does not care about its contractors. they do something called red zone everyday which is just designed to embarrass you in front of the whole office if you haven't met your goals

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Aerotek Pros: Free food.

Aerotek Cons: Dishonesty, Long hours, Not keeping someones word, Greedy, Poor training.

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My advice as a seasoned recruiter: don't pick up any bad habits from your co-workers; a real agency won't tolerate the sort of childish behaviour you described. After you have about 12 months or more experience, start looking for a position with a reputable agency.


Yes, I reading all about this at glassdoor. It is shameful all the fake positive reports that Aerotek has written about themselves.

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