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I submitted an on line application and submitted my resume in person. I told the receptionist that , I completed an online application.

She told me that I don't need to complete an in office application then. It would only duplicate and create confusion. She also informed methat, they don't take walk in appointments. I should be contacted within the week.

If I haven't heard from anyone, then I was suppose to contact them.

I called several times, only to get voice mail and I also emailed people directly to find out what is going on. It has been 6 weeks and I heard nothing.

Store Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

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Well i belive becaus im waiting like one week for my background. And i think this is fake they take all your info your id your ss for what !??!??

I dont know but really i call the satffing and nothing this is something rarelly i dont belive in this people they are doing bad thinks

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