Recd call from Patrick, Savannah office, that he had a good job prospect for me. Submitted resume, references.

Called days later and said they were "all great" and wanted to have an "internal" interview. Went there, did that, looked good, now job gone. Called me back and said they had passed on me but there was another position and the company (local) was very interested. Interviewed with company rep from Columbia, SC, it went very well.

Patrick called me within 30 mins of interview and said they wanted me! Said background check was good, that I could give my notice (as I had told him clearly, don't tell everything is fine unless it is concrete) and scheduled me to go to local Aerotek office to fill out paperwork (very personal info here). When I got there the following week, I was asked to resubmit everything I had already given Patrick, some of which I did not have with me that day. The office rep called him, and he acted like he was completely unaware of any previous conversations we had had!

I showed the rep the phone call on my phone where he said the job was mine, and she said, "I think he has you confused with someone else." As I was getting in the car, he called and babbled about how sorry he was regarding the "mixup" and now he needs me to fax my tax returns! Never heard of this, but he said it was for job confirmation (thought he did that already with references, etc). I did that and he called and said that everything cleared and I was scheduled to start the next week. On Friday, he called and said the background check maybe had an issue and he was sending a packet to me.

One week later, nothing, so he had me call the dispute line, and I spoke to someone about an issue over 17 years ago that I thought was expunged! 17 years! He called later and said they had to withdraw their offer because of this almost 20 yr old issue. I gave notice on at his word, and the one that was promised, then pulled back.

And out there is a lot of personal info on me, including SSN, work history, etc. Have not decided if I will pursue legal action, as now I am in a HUGE financial bind because of this ****. All of this transpired over 1 month plus, which he said was "fast". The bottom line?

I clearly told him, don't tell me to put in notice unless this is concrete, but he did anyway, and stupidass me believed him. If anyone from this company calls and says they found you on careerbuilder or another site, hang up. I never knew there were so many complaints until I googled it.

Wish I had earlier. I wish him a very slow demise when it comes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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