I kept promising my landlord, I get paid every Friday. Sometimes, if the recruiter is around, he might bring mine and three other guys' checks to the shop we are on assignment at.

The checks are supposed to be sent out every Thursday and received no later then Saturday. Besides the two times the recruiter brought out our checks, every paycheck was never received. I would have to call and would only get vm for several days, everyone was always either on lunch or in a meeting. My wife dropped me off at work this morning and called frantic about 30 mins later when she and the children had returned home to find an 2 eviction notices and a Sheriffs letter taped to our door as we promised to pay the remaining 200 dollars we owed on the next paycheck received.

It didn't come in the mail Friday. We told the landlord, it will be here Saturday if it didn't arrive Friday, it has too! Of course, come Saturday no paycheck. No mail on Sunday and we can't call again til Monday.

Our landlord just assumes we are giving excuses, one after another and gave us a three day pay or vacate. Trying to get the paycheck so I can at least put my families things in storage, maybe have money for application fees for new places, etc... After getting vm all day, finally called in very escalated and was only put on hold for nearly an hr and now being told will not get another check for another ten days. So I have three days to move out because my landlord thought I was jerking him around on the remaining 200 I owed him when really it was AEROTEK jerking me around on my hard earned money.

Not only have I had to call in every week and complain about not receiving my check, they lied to me about my pay. I was promised 25 by the company were I was on assignment at and then was told by aerotek I was only going to get 19 dollars an hr. They were going to scam another 6 bucks an hr off of me when they were already making 7 dollars an hr for me for every hr I worked and the greedy jerks tried to scam me for another 6 bucks an hr on top of that. My first check even reflected 19 an hr even though it was supposed to be sorted out and fixed.

I had to make a big deal about getting my remaining pay. Now this job has not only ruined my rental history but caused so mush stress and panic and now me and my family are still here hanging in the balance still trying to get through to someone at Aerotek who will immediately cut me my paycheck. Does anyone know a good employee rights attorney in Seattle? Cause thats my next step is to start researching attorneys and contacting the better business bureau.

Not only have I witnessed outright racism by the receptionist but a complete lack of professionalism in that office. When actually coming in and meeting these people face to face, I don't think a single one of the recruiters/staffing agents, human resources, reception, etc.... no one was over the age of 25, and they all behaved like they were teenagers at a frat party.... who gives a fist bump as a professional handshake???!!!

This can't be legal! I'M LOSING MY HOME AND THESE PEOPLE CAN HARDLY GET OFF THEIR *** TO HELP ME GET MY HARD EARNED WAGES. Even my assignment location states that they have paid out my wages to them and there is no reason why I shouldn't have my paycheck. Oh and lets not forget about when the receptionist gave me the wrong addresses and the wrong locations for things like drug testing, administrative offices and making me miss several days of work and driving all of the gas out of the family vehicle.

Before my job started I was out of work due to a lay off and resources were limited and they acted like I just had all the time and money and gas in the world to jump through their hoops of fire and was told so many contradicting stories by each different person I spoke too, I was given wrong instructions, bad information, etc... this has cost me much more in damages then just lost wages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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hi , I am currently going thru the same thing . But were you able to get your check ?


Aerotek is notorious for hiring straight out of college kids with no actual experience.


Aerotek didn't make $6 off you an hour. That $6 pays for drug testing, background checks, unemployment, workers compensation, and health care benefits among other things. If you were employed directly by the company their out of pocket cost would also be about $25/hour for a $19/hour worker.


The Better Business Bureau file a complain with this company

and the Department of Labor They will get to the bottom of this and if Aero fires you go on unemployment. It is their fault and if you have the proof of eviction take it to the Department of Labor.

They are wrong and should be corrected. I know what it is to be evicted :upset


We're sorry to hear about this situation as we strive to provide excellent customer service to every single person that we work with.

Please email servicecomplaint@aerotek.com with any details you'd like to provide including the office that you worked with and we will follow up through the appropriate channels.

Thank you,

Adam - Aerotek Online Customer Care


Uh... Why don't you get a checking account like a grown up, and have your checks direct deposited?

Temp companies don't have to personally hand you a paycheck at the site you are at. Sounds like you have a car. Pick up your check on your lunch hour...

Or have a Spouse pick it up. It's not the temp companies fault that you don't pay your bills!


Dude your comment was *** and ***. Have some *** compassion for the dude you loser. You're probably a *** Aerotek recruiter trolling this site.


Actually, Truth b told, for direct deposit, you have to be employed at Aerotek for 2 weeks, and then you have to give them a voided check to get direct deposit and that can take a week and a half for that to come through. I've had this same exact issue with the poster and the Aerotek representative had to, as the put it "do a courtesy" to drop off the paycheck at the assignment...

or I could drive an hour away to their billing office to pick up my paycheck.

I had not received a check from them for three weeks and they said that it was in the mail so it wasn't their fault that I didn't receive it. So next time, you should probably do some research before you post some snarky comment about something you don't understand.

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