After going through a less than professional interview process where I was grilled on my past jobs (all "short" because I held seasonal positions while completing my degree in college) I was offered a "competitive salary" as a recruiter trainee at Aerotek. They told me they'd start me at 33k, but neglected to tell me that I wouldn't be receiving that much until AFTER my 3 month new hire period was over.

In reality, I was making less than 450/week and working 45+ hours a week. It was the most miserable 3 months of my life. In fact, the work environment was so stressful that my immune system weakened and I got sick at least twice a month... but how dare I take a sick day?

They expected their sick employees to come into work, regardless if they were contagious or not. I sat across from a girl who came down with BRONCHITIS and they still made her show up (probably one of the reasons I came down with constant illnesses.) I tried my hardest to find people for jobs but my account manager was never satisfied. Nothing was ever good enough- and that is how they treat you there. Recruiters are under pressure to make at least 50 phone calls a day, at least 10 in-house interviews a week, and an absurd number of fake phone interviews where you make the person believe you actually had a job lined up when really you were just trying to get your numbers up.

This company is not about quality- they're about QUANTITY. So, if you're wondering why your recruiter never called you back its because 1) they never had a job for you in the first place, 2) they're under insane amounts of pressure to get their 50 phone calls before the day ends, and 3) there is no organization what-so-ever. My desk was cluttered with notes, in-house interview applications, jobs that needed to be filled and so forth. Not to mention, as soon as I started to work on one position, I would be immediately pulled away from that and asked to work on something else.

My account manager always left me hanging and it was clear she wasn't committed to training me. I spent countless hours in her office, in tears, scared for my job because she kept denying my people for positions that they were more than qualified for. If I didn't get a "start" (basically putting someone to work) by the end of my first month at work, then I was headed in a terrible direction. I was going on 2 months without a start because she kept denying my potential contractors and reassuring me that my job was not in jeopardy.

Don't expect much from your recruiter as they are under a TON of unfair pressure. This company installs FEAR into their recruiters and functions like a cult. Work life balance? No way.

If you even show the slightest interest in something non-aerotek-related then thats a "red flag" and you'll be criticized for it. Hours were ridiculous as we would come into work as early at 7:30 AM and stay until 6:30 PM or later. By the end of the day we were all walking zombies. Aerotek posts jobs online that aren't really open.

It's their way of growing their database because the more people that apply and submit resumes, the bigger pool of people they have to choose from. So, if you applied to a position online, had your phone interview and then an in-house interview... congratulations because you were just made into a fool! But you helped your recruiter get their numbers up at least!

I was let go 3 days before my 3 month trainee period was up. Ironically, this was also 3 days before I was supposed to receive a substantial raise in pay. Not even a week before my account manager told me not to worry. Well, I wasn't even upset.

I was relieved! Aerotek drained me. I wasn't myself anymore. I missed having friends, missed spending time with my dog, missed exercising, missed sleeping, missed being able to pursue the things that made me happy.

It was the worst 3 months of my life.

Im warning anyone and everyone who is considering becoming a recruiter or a contractor to STAY AWAY! You can find employment somewhere else where you will be appreciated for who you are and not just a pathetic number on their *** call sheet or a body at a desk in their call center from ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Preferred solution: Re-evaluate your business and how it is being conducted across the USA. Stop putting emphasis on quantity and start to encourage recruiters to bring in QUALITY. The scare tactics account managers and DBO's use is disgusting. .

Aerotek Pros: Free food sometimes.

Aerotek Cons: Long hours, Stressful environment, No sick days, Low pay, Poor training, No work life balance.

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I have been a recruiter for Aerotek for 6 months and everything you said is 100% accurate. I am currently looking for a new job before I quit.

I feel so bad having to call people for jobs that aren't available. However, I have to call random people to hit my call goal each day.


I just left that call center ***!!! Your review is dead on. Don't work for Aerotek or contract for them- they suck the life out of you, ruin your career and move on to the next person.


Aerotek overall does not have the best reputation. I, personally, have no respect for their hiring practices.

Basically, even if you have a very strong recruiting background, they won't consider you for employment as a recruiter because they seem to only want fresh college graduates. Anyway, thanks for the informative review.

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