I got a temp job through Aerotek, at a leading aerospace firm in Florida. Being a licensed engineer with 30 years experience, I only received $18 for the position, but was in desperate need of immediate work so I took the position anyway.

I figured once able to prove my worth, they would pay more, eventually. (The assumption was that Aerotek was making, at most, maybe 25% of the total fee paid by the employer, and they said $18 was the most the firm could pay.) In my first meeting, the hiring manager let slip, that they were paying $52/hr. for my temp engineering-level services. That meant Aerotek was making 65% of the total pay......and I received no paid holidays, medical, anything!

As the recruiter showed up to the employer driving a brand new $80k Lexus, and was only 22 years old, I felt a bit foolish accepting such low pay, and immediately looked elsewhere for work. Lose-lose for everyone, due to their greed, and my stupidity for working with them.

User's recommendation: Try to negotiate a position with HR directly, and avoid this middleman.

Location: Merritt Island, Florida

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Hmm... unknown poster only choosing key pieces of information. There's more to this story or its completely fake.


I have worked for staffing agencies as an internal recruiter (not this one) and what this person describes is a common scenario! Think before you post!


If you are referencing the car, how do you know the recruiter bought the car on their Aerotek wages? The car could have been their parents, a husband or wife could have purchased the car, they may come from a wealthy family, have inherited a large sum of money borrowed the car or maybe they worked their behind off since childhood and saved.

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