I worked for Aerotek until very recently. To this day I'm not certain why I was released.

I can tell you of a few things that happened, however, to actually get fired over any of what I'm going to tell you is crazy. I can only reiterate I'm not certain, if someone can tell me I would greatly appreciate it. I was called into the office with an Aerotek manager and was advised that a manager that during a meeting I was made a negative statement about "Secret Santa". Yep, secret santa.

I advised the Aerotek manager that I had initiated the idea of our group having a secret santa therefore I could not understand why I would have anything negative to say. I advised her I did comment on a statement from another coworker who asked the manager who was facilitating the meeting not to tell our manager that the group was getting her a gift. My comment was M..... would not say anything...

that's it end of story.....Also, during this meeting I was advised that during the same week I sent an email to another coworker who advised that our lunch room would be unavailable from 3 - 4. Why then at 2:05 did a group of men come in and start moving tables around ... more specifically moving the tables around and bumping mine....I advised the coworker that I thought that it was inconsiderate that this would be done during my short lunch period when advised that the intended meeting was not until an hour later. I comment, "Well, if they knew they needed to move the tables out of the way, why then not ask to have the room from 2:30 to 4 allowing them time to actually sit up for their meeting.

I received a very nice response but I felt that the true essense of what I was trying to established had been missed....so the coworker came back again...very nicely and expressed she understood and that it would be brought to the attention of the facility manager....end of story....Last but not least....I was having a meeting (done 4 times a month) on the progress of my job... Well, I was advised that I shirked my responsibility in helping a consumer when I transferred them to a mangager. Well, we have two levels of assistance...the manager being the last... in my effort to expeditioulsy help the consumer I selected manager instead of the help desk....I was so taken aback by the comment that I had shirked my responsibility that during the entire meeting I could not concentrate.

Anyone who knows me can tell you... I go above and beyond when trying to help. I am a consumer and I would like for someone to take the time when I call about a situation and not to be made to feel as if they don't have time to help....Well, when I found out that this last situation was to be escalated I was asked my side of the story and was told that I should right a rebuttal so that it could be given to the manager of the person who was handling my quality meeting.... I was later told that no further action would be taken regarding that issue.

I was never put on warning, nor was I advised of what I did to get fired...I can tell you this (simply because I'm very honest) I was emotionally separated from my employer Aerotek. I still wanted to help the consumer but I knew because of these claims I could no longer trust anyone. I had said I woul do my work and keep to myself.... so, when they came to take pictures for a gift to our manager...

I elected not to participate... I actually think that this is the reason I was fired... I was not being a team player. Ohh...

one last thing. I applied / submitted my resume to be hired in for the company I was working for through Aerotek.... I received an email full of typo's and incomplete sentences that I did not qualify for the job. I sent an email to my manager stating that I was ok with not getting the position, however, I think that if I was going to be denied an opportunity for the job, at least the person letting me know...

should know how to spell or use spell check.... Please, I'm quite interested in hearing from you on what I actually did wrong to get fired....

Store Location: South Haven, Michigan

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I was fired earlier in 2012 for no reason as well. No cause was given. Not even a hint.

I did file for unemployment at the time, as a single mother with two kids I needed the help. To do this, unemployment had to call Aerotek and confirm my employment status. Aerotek told unemployment that I QUIT!! :(

Thank goodness I had all my ducks in a row. I had the information of the random person who called me on my CELL PHONE to tell me it was my last day. The kicker? She said the people who "normally do the firing" were in a meeting so she had to do it....

This place is well in my past and I would strongly urge ANYONE to avoid this place. Absolutely ridiculous.


I and another employee were fired recentley for no reason, the managers said we said foul language to them, and that was a complete lie. All they have to do is roll the cameras and it will show the managers jumping down our throat. Unreal that people can play games with peoples lives like that when we are struggling to put food on the table :(

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