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I was called by an Aerotek recruiter named Jeremy about a job with a client that I previously worked for with another temp service. I took the job started on a Tuesday. He explained that I would receive my first paycheck by mail by Friday if the next week which I...
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my problem is with chris curry,no professionalism.he had a job for me and then never called back and told me ans svce was out.(for 2 weeks!)I need a new recruiter.please foward this to management.he is rude, self righteous,and i don't think has respect for women.if...
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My instinct is to think that anyone who can barely write and can\'t seem to locate the shift key has no high ground to call anyone else \"unprofessional.\" Placing such a per...

Aerotek is only concerned in satisfying their client. They have no interest in actually matching employees with good employers. Nor do they care about your safety, health or satisfaction on the job. They are no better than a mafia, if you want the job you have to go...
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Once ***tractor

Aerotek gives people an opportunity with companies. They give everyone an equal and fair chance. The people who post on these things negatively more than likely have a poor wo...


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Called at 11:45 and they all went to lunch.what a *** joke if your a staffing co. you should always have some one there some people can only call on their lunch break. you suck. should have read more of these complaints.i don't talk to voice mail boxes their not...
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Um, how did you know they went to lunch? Are you guessing? I seriously doubt they had a voice mail that said \"We\'re out to lunch\".

*** Response

Salesmen? Maybe. But do they have resources to jobs you need but most likely are not qualified for? Probably.

I have been unemployed for several months. A person at aerotek called and i went in and did all of the required paper work. I had one contract job through aerotek and it did not work out. Also they did not pay what was agreed took me one month to get my money for...
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John H

Areoteck Pray On The Unemployed Period ! Call Your Congressmen !!!!!!!!!!!


Typical Aerotek methods. They seem to cheat everyone out of their pay.


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