I've got to tell you all something...if you have complaints against Aerotek, then try to find your own $%#^$&# job in a down economy. If they couldn't get you work or keep you employed then that is your own fault. Aerotek tries to get you in the door but it is your problem if you can't stay there.

I worked for Aerotek for over 3 years and it was always the same problem. Lazy lazy lazy people looking for Aerotek to do all the work for you. And then when you get laid off or the contract is over you blame Aerotek. Aerotek is employed by people who work from 7:30am to 6:30pm every day. Go try and work a job like that, I guarantee you will burn out and quit after a week. We get you a 9-5 and you complain!!!

I can't tell you how many people I found work - most of them, their dream job. The ones I couldn't find work were the un-educated, worthless and lazy people who can't keep a job to save their life.

So go ahead and apply directly with the company you wish to interview with and your resume along with 1500 other resumes will be disregarded by an automated HR system. Goodluck.

Store Location: Longboat Key, Florida

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So Aerotek is never wrong. I guess you think that rape victims "deserve" to be attacked because they happen to be wearing a short skirt!!


I am like others; I want to be appreciated for my dedication to the company I dedicate myself to.

I have worked in excess of seventy hours, at half the pay from twenty plus years ago...and I have four degrees.


4 degrees that is a wonderful accomplishment. If I were you I would be myself because of your accomplishments its nice you want to be appreciated for the work you do but dude you can actually demand for what you are really worth and not work for peanuts.

Forget this company if it is not doing it for you throw your resume to various headhunters someone is bound to get you the $$$ you are looking for.

Also, you don't have to take any *** from anyone you have 4 degrees for gods sake! :) Good Luck!


well there still a bunch of Liars, we been waiting for our pay check 3 week behind, and every week there missing hours,bad service, where my money ,,,


Call the dept. of labor for any questions and concerns.


:) :)

I submitted resume and received call the same day. had interview same day and was given job one day after interview.

Was only out of work for one week. Now staffing agency has policies to follow along with criteria from their clients.. So you might be the issue.. Dont put blame where blame does not belong.

I can proudly say Aerotek lives up the name as a staffing agency. They dont have to do anything else different.


It is not Aeroteks job to FIND people jobs... It's their job to find the most qualified candidates for their clients needs.

YOU do not pay them, the client does. They work for their clients, and therefore aren't in any way obligated to finding you a job.


Yea, unfortunately going through Aerotek is the direct way to apply at Toyoya in San Antonio. I've heard people not get called back simply because they called Aerotek to ask how their application with Toyota is going.

Aerotek flat out lies about open positions at Toytoa San Antonio, and you CAN'T apply directly with the company.

I haven't been waiting too long after Aerotek "hired" me without giving me a possible start date, whilr others have been waiting several months to get picked out of the pool of people Aerotek recruits since they decide to cherry pick other people applying for the jobs. I personally wish I could apply directly with Toyota so I wouldn't have to deal wih Aerotek bull.

Chris B

As it would turn out I did receive my phone call today about 2 weeks and 4 messages later. The guy was very nice once we discussed my previous dealings with Aerotek and my current resume.

Now they can go find me a job which is their job. They will get paid and I will get a new job and everyone is happy. That's how it works. I see no problem with asking them to find me a job because that is the service rendered.

It's not because I am lazy it's because that's how I want to do it and they have more resources and time. Win-Win

@Chris B

A common misconception is that a recruiter's job is to find a position for a job seeker. This is absolutely incorrect.

There is a fundamental difference between a staffing agency and a placement agency. A placement agency collects a commission from a job seeker once they have placed them; therefore they "work for the seeker." A staffing agency such as Aerotek "works for the company that is seeking employees." It is Aerotek's job to find the best qualified candidate based on what their client is looking for, and said clients pay a premium in order to find what they are looking for. As in any profession there are those who are not very good. Not returning calls is ignoring a basic function of the job, and is unacceptable.

However, not finding somebody a job does not mean that the recruiter is not doing theirs. Although I disagree with the way this Aerotek employee chose to vent their frustrations with job seekers, after reading a few of the responses it is clear that some people do actually expect to be catered to and for a position to be brought to their feet.

This is incredibly unrealistic. A frank and honest conversation between recruiter and seeker about how staffing works and what Aerotek can provide would alleviate 99% of the problem, as it is evident the majority of these frustrations are rooted in misconception and miscommunication.

Chris B

I had an Aerotek recruiter help me find a great job while the economy was good. Two different high end Civil Engineering firms bid and I went with the most money.

This was in Seattle, WA. I am now in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I have left 4 messages with the local Aerotek recruiter and have not gotten a call back.

The level of service in Seattle to this date is way above and beyond anything I have seen here. People here are generally slow and lazy and I am finding that goes for Aerotek as well. For me it's about finding that firm that isn't listed in the normal job sites. I do a lot of groundwork myself.

I thought the point to having a headhunter was for them to find you that job you couldn't find anywhere else. The recruiter gets a commission for doing that work from what I remember. Aerotek made a great commission from my hire six years ago. I would expect a high level of service the second time around.

I am not blaming Aerotek for anything other than not being professional by calling back someone that made them money in the past. It would seem like a horrible way to do business in my opinion. The rant overall is funny, when you choose a job and know what it takes you get the good with the bad. Fairly simple in my opinion.

There are many jobs with long hours and tough clients. Some jobs are like taking a math test all day long every single day.

(Civil Engineering can be like that) I just want Aerotek to remain a pro organization that I can turn to when I need them. Now if I can't get the service I expect then I won't be complaining on some website, I am giving the guy a chance to keep his job for now.


Yeah, never mind that Aerotek recruiters lie about open positions, refuse to answer phone calls, and refuse to find appropriate work for people who have certain disabilities. It's simply because people are lazy. You totally have this all figured out.


Just read the rant GO FIND YOUR OWN JOB in it's entirety. Need I or anyone else say any more. They clearly dont get it!!!!!


I want a recuiter that works as hard as I do, I want you for my recruiter. The person that puts it all on the line everyday for a company, can usually write there own tickek with said company, you have to want to strive in your career, if you don't give your all day in and day out, then you might as well not even show up. There are those of us out on the market trying to find a job where we are appreciated for our dedication to the company.

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