I actually have an interveiw lined up for today at Aerotek in Mason, OH. Can anybody tell me about the branches in Mason?

The recruiter, Renee Kitchen seems very unprofessional, she never answers her phone, or is always out to lunch. I just called and cancelled in fact, and she didnt answer, again. I left her a voicemail saying that i found another job, and start tomorrow. HAH!

Thanks for the heads up everybody! How is it that EVERBODY in the Aerotek company is ***? i really dont understand. Im reading articles from people in Texas, and Florida and stuff, and they are *** EVERYWHERE.

Thats pretty low of a company.

I bet they all go out and burn churches after screwing over innocent people like us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Store Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Aerotek is the most unethical company on the planet.


yes skip the interview and take yourself out of sight for over 75% of the fortune 500 list since those are the companies asking aerotek to find them qualified employees. way to go you showed them!!! :)


Glad you find a REAL job and avoided wasting time with those LOSERS!


It's not that they all suck, its that a lot of the people just don't receive the training they should.

And, obviously, even if a vast, vast majority of people are happy with the jobs Aerotek has found them, they're not going to go posting about how great it is on "pissedconsumer.com."

Finally, of course she misses your phone calls... she's a recruiter. It's her job to be on the phone. It's also not her place to find you a job... you might have to come to grips with the fact that people sometimes have priorities that are different than yours.

But yeah... you really showed her! Skip the interview and remove yourself from contention for a potential position! That'll teach her.


dont do it, if its the company in luxocittica they are trying to send you to, that is a revolving door.


Burn churches? Why would she call back if you cancel same day on her and have another job lined up? Think again on who is unprofessional canceling a meeting right before you go.

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