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Aerotek seemed like they were on my side and had my best interests in mind at first, but do not be fooled! They called me once a month to see if I had any leads. I said yes, there was one employer who I had been in contact with directly and they asked who it was. I found out the hard way that the reason they wanted to know this is so they could use the lead against me. Aerotek then filled this position with someone else through their agency and I was not hired directly.

This someone now gets hired through Aerotek @ $20/hr., Aerotek bills the company for @ $40/hr. How ethical is that? The people at Aerotek should be deemed criminals.

There should be laws to protect laborers and job seekers because malicious practices such as this are absolutely ridiculous.

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Yap, I see the Ronald Reagan child finely grow up. And his name is GREED.

How can Corporate America turn it,s Back on the people that built them up and by GOD'S GRACE WE AMERICANS WILL TEAR THEM DOWN. And TODAY is a GOOD DAY TO START.