I received a phone call from an Aerotek office that I have been in contact with for employment for awhile.

Recruiter told me he had a good fit for a position at a company that was my #1 hopeful for employment.

I said,"sending my resume via email" to him.

I discovered that there is a MUST HAVE skill in order to get into this company and I do not have that skill. I email him regarding this and he tells me yes, this company requires you to have this skill before you can work there. Then why did he think I was a good fit for the position? These guys have done this to me several times. So I wrote him back told him in detail how I'm tired of them jacking me around and that I was going to have to let him go,take me off your contact list, I will not be a number in your "applicant quota for the day" pile and to leave his badge at the door.

If your Temp Agencies are not working with you, fire them and find another one.

Store Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

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Good deal!!! I'm glad you fired your recruiter.


Today is Sunday. As I was sitting quietly in my living room I heard the mailbox shut. Thinking it was a newspaper delivery I opened the door to check.

I noticed the mailbox was open and a letter was inside. No mail delivery here in British Columbia on Sundays. Postage was on, unused. The letter was

from Aerotek congratulating me on my recent employment. I had previously submitted a resume to

them thinking they were an employer, not a recruiter agency. (They disguise their motives and intentions very well). They called me several weeks

later, after I had already found out they were

recruiters, which I did not want to deal with for obvious reasons. I told the woman that I had already attained employment. This woman had the

audacity to ask what position, who with etc. It was too personal. I ended the call. Now here she

has delivered unwanted solicitation to me on a Sunday, at my home, which has a no solicitor sign posted above the mailbox....This is not the way

to do business.


By the way, because of Aerotek's services, I now have a great job paying about 25% more than I was making. And I got the job because of my qualifications and interviewing skills, which is what you need to get jobs. Aerotek just puts you in the interviewing chair (provided you make the cut) - it's on you to do the rest.


Unless you're the HR Rep of a large company, big whoop that you "fired" someone giving you personally a free service. I'm sure they'll lose sleep, ha.


Thomas White, Aerotek recruiter who only write positive about Aerocrap.


I have no complaints with Aerotek.my recruiter Jack Camper has went above and beyond to help me out.Granted the economy sucks rite now,but I'm quite certain Jack will come thru again for me. :)


You realize you cant actually "fire" a service you dont pay for, right?


Beware of Aerotek because they do not staff professionals! They harass you when you ask questions and sometimes never even answer you. I have hired a lawyer because they do not do things correctly!


sI like many people are searching for a job. I was contacted by Michelle Han (Mimi) from Aerotek for a position.

She insisted I come down immediately. I met her about 2.5 hours after the initial phone conversation. This woman is like a car salesman. Very high pressure on me to commit working for them.

I told her flat out that would not be the case. She has contacted me for a couple of positions but as it turns out I "don't meet the qualification!" I have many years of experience. I have never dealt with such a high pressure recruiter before. I am wondering what good it does her if she is not even going to place me anywhere.

I have other recruiters from other agencies that are normal people that don't pressure me to take computer tests in the evening which I did not do. Anyway, people beware of this outfit.


PLEASE let a reporter know if you are willing to tell your story to a reporter - your identity can remain anonymous. I have received inquiries from 2 reporters about this story - PLEASE come forward so that we can help put a stop to this activity.

You can email co_unemployment@live.com.


Everytime Aerotek posts a job I am qualified for they never bother to send my resume making up an excuse even though I am totally qualified for the position. Or, they never bother to call you back even though they say they will call.

Also, I have talked to 5 or 6 people and it seems each recruiter doesn't remain there for long -- wonder why!! Although they have your paperwork and background checks they keep saying you have to come in to meet them before you can be sent out.

This is crazy. This company should be closed.


My son went through Aerotek. They called and told him to come down for an interview for a position at a company AND that he was the best candidate.

He goes and waits around for over an hour.

Finally, someone comes out and tells him that, "The person who spoke with you is not here today, plus we lost your resume and file, go home and we will call you."

He drove over 30 miles to their office. They have recently contacted me and I am very wary.


I started working for Aerotek on July 15th 2013 and have not got paid yet.I suggest if you are hurting for money stay home and save your money.And wait for something to come up working for a company directly.By the way today is the 27th!!!!!!

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