I put in applications over 2 months ago. I spoke with a man who said I would be a perfect candidate for the at home calling center.

He then told me that he would call me back. Which took several days. When this company called back it was not him it was a lady telling me that she feels I would be better at administration. I agreed and she said she would call me as soon as a position opened.

Well that has not happened. Then I was like wait I need a job right now. So I called back and emailed and applied again and called and opened a new account with a different email same info and still no call back. They set you up thinking your going to get employed and then leave you in the wind.

I should have just taken the job, I probably be working right now. Or maybe not. They are full of the biggest bag of s%$#! Its hard enough trying to get a job being a single mother of 2.

They make people want to reach out in a different kind of way.

If you have a family and looking for steady income right now, don't deal with this company. They are not family oriented.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Job Search.

Store Location: Hammonton, New Jersey

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