During the training process at Aerotek, do they have you take some type of test to secure employment or any types of test that could possibly endanger your future employment? I know that when Afni has you go through training, you must past 2 tests in order to secure employment.

I am wondering if Aerotek has you go through the same process. If you could answer this question that would be great!

If I have to take test to secure employment with Aerotek, I might not take it up. Thank you to all who took the time to answer this.

Store Location: Tucson, Arizona

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My questions might sound weird, but here it goes. I had an interview at the Aerotek office yesterday. After that, I waited in a room for all other interviews that needed to be done that day. The people that made the cut, had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, like personal info, W-4, direct deposit info, etc. Then, right from there I had to take a drug test. I was told I would be called today to be given a time to meet at the company I will be "working" for an orientation tomorrow. I still have not been told that I have the job. I ASSume, that they are waiting for drug test and background results.

Do they normally have you go through all of this process before knowing that they are going to hire you?

Once hired, do I work for Aerotek or the company I will actually be doing work for? Who will my employer be? I received papers on benefits, but it was from Aerotek. When I tried to ask questions, he just said, we will talk about all of that later...and never did.

Is there a probation period, then I will work for the company I am actually doing work for? I really need this job, but I want to know what to expect. The ad said that the starting salary was $10.00 an hour, but yesterday, she said it just changed to $11.00. Everything is sounding too good to be true and going really fast. I will say, I am the one that made follow up calls to get the interview, they did not return phone calls. I am not complaining, just throwing it out there, that if YOU want it, YOU have to go get it.

What are some good questions that I should ask tomorrow at the orientation?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions..


They give everyone a skills assessment test which consists of various Micrsoft Office programs. They may also test you on typing speed and accuracy.

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