I worked a position with Aerotek for 6 months, and then was laid off due to "overstaffing". I immediately applied online for about 12 different positions with Aerotek, and after a week of no callbacks, I directly contacted a recruiter who's name was attached to one of the positions that I had applied for and set up an interview.

The recruiter (Nate) emailed me all the details, including reference screenings, resume and job info. He said I was well qualified for the job. So a week later, I went to interview with the client. A few days later, I was told I got the job.

Yay!! I was so happy to hear that and the job started in 2 weeks, but first, I had to complete onboarding and submit to fingerprinting for the job. No problem. Never heard from the recruiter all the way up to the Friday before the job was to start.

So I called Nate, and lo and behold, I was informed that the class was pushed back 2 more weeks for some unspecified reason. I was disappointed, but stuff like that does happen. So, I wait another 2 weeks and of course Nate makes NO contact me whatsoever the entire time, until again I call him to find out what the heck is going on. Well, turns out, my background check is still not finished and that he will "let me know" when he has more details.

3 weeks later, not a peep. By now, I am forced to go on unemployment since its now been 6 weeks since I have worked. I am not happy. I left a email to Nate the Friday before labor day weekend to tell me what the *** is going on before he *** for a 3 day weekend.

Of course, no response. So Tuesday, I have had it with being jerked around for now 7 weeks, and call the office. Since I can no longer trust my dam recruiter to call me back, I told the receptionist I want to speak to someone else. What a surprise, Nate gets on the line and tells me that I didn't pass the background check!

I was outraged! It took them 7 weeks to do a background check on me? And of course no explaination as to what exactly in my background was wrong, even though I was a current Aerotek employee for 6 months. I was angry that they promised me a job, said I got the job, string you along for 6 weeks before telling you you didn't get the job!

I turned down several other jobs since I was told I got this one. Of course Nate had NOTHING else on the table to even offer me!

What the *** kinda of company tells you you got the job and then does a background check? (By the way, I have no criminal record whatsoever, and I have 15 years of relevant experience to the jobs I applied for) DONT EXPECT ANY PROFESSIONALISM FROM AEROTEK

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aerotek Pros: What is there to like.

Aerotek Cons: Unprofessionalism.

Store Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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The scenario you described is very common with this company. I wouldn't work with or for them, for any amount of money.

I have principles. And morals.


Run away from this company as far as you can they are shady they rip people off in pay. They low ball you on pay and pocket the money. Instead of paying you overtime pay they pay you regular pay.

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