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I was contacted by Aerotek ( I had worked through Aerotek before) on behalf of CBRE a company that subs out work for multiple companies. The nature of the position was that of a facilities maintenance technician.

The position was at a company where I had worked previously in a different capacity with a very favorable experience and I accepted the job offer on short notice mainly because there was a considerable pay increase involved and I wasn't very happy where I was employed at the time. I answered all their questions regarding my qualifications, experience and certifications to qualify for this job, signed all of the paper work, completed the drug screen and background check and started my new job. After only two days at work my supervisor called me into his office and informed me that I was supposed to be a CERTIFIED electrician to work there as a maintenance technician and since I wasn't I couldn't remain there! Aerotek NEVER asked me about a electrical certification at any time, only if I was HVAC certified which I am.

Now I am unemployed, looking for work and Aerotek has done nothing to resolve this problem. The only thing Aerotek did do was to ask for my previous employers phone number in order to contact them and ask if I could have my old job back! They are unprofessional, unreliable, and incompetent in their hiring and recruiting practices.

They should have known about all the job requirements before they ever contacted anyone about filling this position. And for the record I could have performed this job without any problem what so ever, I have considerable experience and knowledge in industrial and multi-phase electrical applications, just no certification!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Aerotek Cons: Any of it.

Store Location: Columbia, Missouri

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I had the same issue with CBRE. I don't think aerotek is the problem.

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