A staffing Company like Aerotek around that we as job seekers have to rely for a job. I had to base my opinion them before, all these books that tell you to research the company before you go on your interview, because they will be impressed, that's all BS well, try reading a bout Areotek.

All you will read is good. The truth is right here on this page, lets see someone write a book on "Bad staffing Agencies" "who to avoid when you lose your Job" etc. etc. I had the worst experience for three 3months with them, I finally get a call, so I thought, ready to report, then I di get the call.

Oh the job was cancelled, don't show up. Do I have time for there ***, not any more then they do for mine. Santa Ana office, stay away.

Major companies are losing good people because of them....believe me they are. I wish I could vent more, but there is not enough time in the world.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Job Search.

Store Location: Irvine, California

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