I received a phone call from Aerotek stating they had seen my resume. Austin Bergstrom of Kansas asked for my updated resume and references.

I was also asked to take online testing for a local position. He said he was going to check my references and pass the information to his manager. I never heard back from him.

I sent two follow up emails with no response. *** Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Location: 7900 College Blvd #200, Overland Park, KS 66210, USA

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Guy gave you a fake name. Austin Bergstrom is an airport.


Aerotek, like a lot of staffing agencies, has a quota of applicants they must interview. A large part of the recruiter's job is obtaining references that can be contacted in an attempt to see if there are any sales opportunities there for Aerotek.


I have the same experience with this company. Twice I have been contacted by two different recruiters for different positions in a span of a year, although I was qualified for both positions neither recruiter provided feedback or placed me.

The first recruiter that contacted me never answered or returned my calls. The second one went over the qualifications and skills for the position and asked for references, said my resume will be submitted to the client and scheduled an interview for that afternoon. The recruiter promised to send an email with details about the interview. I received an email close to the time of the scheduled interview indicating the interview was cancelled to "l will have to call you sometime later this afternoon".

The recruiter should be honest and provide feedback to the applicant. Recruiters should let the applican know if there is no longer interest in the applicant or if the position is no longer available, it will save everyone's time and energy.


Agreed. I was qualified as well.

I was not told how did on the typing tests but as he knew I hadnt been doing them regularly. He said I could retake them if necessary but then didnt ask me to so I'm assuming they were fine. My references never received a call and I know they are good references as I'm about to travel to help my former employer for a week. They randomly hit you up out of the blue.

I will not work with Manpower of Lawrence either. They were going to set me up an interview but after I received an email from a worker I had the unfortunate luck of working with years I did not return their call.

She would lie about having open positions in my area but offer it to another of my coworkers that didnt want it so we knew she was lying. Any place that uses someone like that as a leader does not deserve commission off of my earnings.

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