I was in search for a job in the banking sector. It was very difficult for me to find a job soon. finally I got to know about Aerotek Recruiting and Staffing and went to that company. I went and met Kayla Dormer who was working as a recruiter there and discussed about my profile and the kind of job I was looking for first she charged me $200 for finding the right position, I had give her the fees. The way she responded was with great attitude and said since I'm new to this city it's difficult for me to find the job at a desired position. How could she decide and be very rude with the candidates after taking money specially?!

She asked me to come after a few days so she can try to find vacanices for me. I went to her next week and spoke to her she said there are two positions which are vacant and she would schedule the interview for me. I said ok and the interviews went fine. I asked her what was the next procedure. She said I got selected for one of the company. I was happy about that and then asked her about the joining date. But again she said that Aerotek would be charging me $600 so instead asked me to give her $400. I was completely shocked!! What the *** was this company upto or what was Kayla Dormer upto!!

Kayla is a CHEAT and FRAUD!. Taking money and charging with huge amount!! I still can't believe what was happening. I knew the company never charges any fee after the recruitment takes place it was all done by Kayla. She is the one who is a big time fraud taking money from people just to fill her pockets! This is something illegal that she has been doing!! I am really angry and pissed at her behavior I would want the company to know what she has been doing and practicing so far!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Aerotek Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Looks like you also wrote defaming letters about her family members as well. Please note I will be contacting all of these people and alerting them to your BS letters here.

Hopefully, they will pursue you in a court for libel and defamation of character. I know if it were myself, I would go after you full force and not rest till you paid me full restitution, issued retractions and publicly apologized. I don't know what kind of mental illness you have, but you CANNOT libel and slander people.

There are penalties for that! THINK before you post!


Just clicked on the OP's other letters.. he/she is indeed up to something foul as this is not the first nasty letter they have written about this woman.


I call BS on this! Aerotek does not charge and I don't believe this young recruiter asked you for money.

I think this complaint is the libelous result of maybe a jilted boyfriend or a jealous female. I hope you get sued!


I would call the local office. Aerotek does not charge the employee....EVER!

If this is in fact true, she would be terminated immediately.

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