Englewood, Colorado

My *** is with AEROTEK employment services(staffing) I applied for several positions they advertised and sent my resume to them, only to have them ignore me.

My resume reflected the skills and qualificationas they were looking for to satisfy thier client. Because mty resume didnt reflect any recent aerospace industry exp.

they shunned me.

What seperates a aerospace warehouse from any other warehouse? Is it the concrete? The smell of the product? The people?

I dont get it. At any rate, Aerotek staffing gets an award for the most STUCK UP, *** UP, LOUSY staffing services around.And thats about it.

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This is a pretty *** complaint:

1. I submitted my resume.

2. I KNOW I TOTALLY deserved the job. 3

3. They didn't give it to me.

4. CONCLUSION: They have no integrity.

Please breathe through your nose and carry on.


be glad they didn't hire you. Aerotek is *** pay.

use temp services only if you have no family to support and are young and willing to work any shift. i see temp services for people that have no family to spend time with.


umm, they have about 8 million people applying to jobs every day...they can't hire everyone just because YOU feel your experience is what they are looking for. And, they are not working for you, they are working for the client.


Your last paragraph grabbed my curiosity. I do agree with you that a warehouse does have people, a scent, and a structure.

This would be the environment of the warehouse, which I am sure that is typical of most. Could it be the culture of the businesses that is different?

Does aerospace culture have different ethical standards, or specific safety habits, or required security clearances?

You have my curiosity. Is this where integrity is lacking?

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