Tampa, Florida

I was called by an Aerotek recruiter named Jeremy about a job with a client that I previously worked for with another temp service. I took the job started on a Tuesday.

He explained that I would receive my first paycheck by mail by Friday if the next week which I understood and had no problem with. By payday I had borrowed money to get to work from several people which was no problem either because I had expected to since my first payday would he ten days after my start date. Here's where the problem starts. I got off work Friday and check my mail.

No check. So I give it tul Saturday. Still no check. When Monday come around I was out if gas and had no way to go to work.

I called Jeremy and left a message at 5am Monday morning saying I didn't get paid and had no way to work. When the mail ran on Monday I still had no check so I called him again. He seemed to be upset with me for calling him and said that he didn't get my message that morning and also said that they would probably be ending my assignment do to the situation and he would call me back with what they said. He never called so I assumed I was fired.

Tuesday come around and still no check. I called payroll and seen what was wrong.Jeremy was supposed to turn in my payroll by Tuesday so I could get paid by Friday. He didn't turn it in Turk Thursday which would put me two weeks behind on my first check and would receive two checks. Thursday Jeremy called be and asked if I was coming back to work.

I had told him that yes but I thought I was terminated due to the ways he had explained it to me Monday. And I had also confronted him about my payroll going in on Thursday instead of Friday. Instead of admitting to his mistake he put me down as a no call no show and gave me the number to the client supervisor to beg for my jib back that it was my mistake that I didn't call in. I called him and only got voice mails.

I was done wrong.

I was fired for Jeremy Chamblins mess up. If Aerotek has people like that then no one is safe there.

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